JAmes Silverstein

Writing Experience:


Published Work:

Rapier's Edge (7th Sea RPG Supplement, Alterac Entertainment Games, June 2002)

Stargate SG-1 Living Gods: Stargate System Lords (Stargate RPG Supplement, Alterac Entertainment Games, February 2004)

 “Shadows over Theah” (Fantasy Fiction, Lulu press, January 2006)


Unpublished Work:

 Tournament of Legends (Dialogue for Wii game, High Voltage Software, July 2010)


Works in Progress:

 Cairn (Role Playing Game, SoulJAR Games, est. release Winter 2013-2014)

 Dissonance (Role Playing Game, Dissonance Games, est. release Summer 2014)

 My Own Worst Enemy (Working title) (Science Fiction, Collaborative work with Dave Robison, no estimated release date)

Educational Background:

BA in Film, Columbia College, Chicago (2000).


Other 'geek' activities:

  • Under the 'Plaid Chameleon' banner, have mastered consistently top-rated game experiences at GenCon for the last 12 years, leading over 400 gamers through exciting and fulfilling RPG experiences, including ground-breaking tabletop adventure scenarios for Alterac Entertainment Games, Pinnacle Games, and LARPs grown from the self-created 'official' 7th Sea LARP rules published in Rapier's Edge.
  • Worked extensively with Mike Nystul and Ross Issacs on the development of the Cairn game system, building a rich character and world-building rules and scenarios"
  • Currently working on securing domain 'www.silversteincreations.com' in September to serve as a portal site to my numerous game and story related projects
  • Active member of Librivox.org, working with their public domain voice recording project, including three works of Shakespeare.
  • Core writer and story master for over a decade with the Gateway LARP, a Chicago-based live-action gaming community, working with Rob Nicholls of High Voltage Games, Chad Brinkley of Infinite Imaginations, and Mike Nystul of Castlenystul and Deep Dish Games.
  • Currently in negotiations with Jonathan Schwarz (creator of the award-winning game 'Redshirts') for an on-going development project for an upcoming game system."
  • Currently collaborating with Dave Robison on a near-future SciFi thriller with plans to released in 2015."



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